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We offer hot tub water changes and cleanup services to Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Lions Bay. If you’ve just moved in and found your hot tub is a bit of a mess, we can help!

Comprehensive Clean and Balance

$199 plus tax

This service is designed to get off to the right start for providing ongoing care to your hot tub and water.

– Apply pipe cleaner to water and purge debris from jet lines (if hot tub is full of water and powered on)
– Drain hot tub with submersible pump to dedicated drain area
– While the tub is empty, we give the surface, floor and walls a thorough cleaning
– Remove cartridge filter and clean / replace as necessary. We can recommend / order replacement filters if required and store the filter SKU code on your file
– Fill the hot tub with fresh water. Place hose in filter area while filling to aid in preventing air lock of circulation pump
– Startup hot tub via breaker and confirm proper flow is restored and tub is heating
– Adjust filter cycles based on proposed usage
– Balance chemicals to ideal ranges (pH, sanitizer, alkalinity and calcium). This one time application of chemical is provided by us and included in the price
– Clean off hot tub cover and any access points
– Assessment of the property for return visits (if nec)

– Assessment of electrical function and equipment bay (if nec)

The goal for this service is to get your hot tub ready for use so you can enjoy, same day. If we find any issues with the hot tub, we have a repairs team that can assist with fixing your hot tub.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a cleanup/water change, please contact our office at or 604-229-2395

Maintenance plans and scheduled water changes

Once your hot tub is operational, we offer two types of ongoing service if interested:

  • Scheduled or unscheduled (you decide) water changes. This is a service that removes all water and debris from the hot tub and we refill with fresh water + balance the chemicals. We would use your chemicals onsite or can provide from our truck stock. This service is offered at $85 per hour + tax
  • We also offer a weekly maintenance plan at $50 per visit + tax, + chemicals. This is a full service that provides weekly cleaning of tub, cover, filter and chemical balance

Please contact us at or 604-229-2395 if you have any questions or would like to book a service.