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Starting from $65 + tax + chemicals per visit → Weekly swimming pool only

Starting from $75 + tax + chemicals per visit → Weekly swimming pool + hot tub/spa

*Custom quotes available for locations with additional bodies of water. ie. water features, additional pools

*The above pricing is for labour only and does not include the cost of chemicals required for balancing the water. This is a starting from figure and rates may increase depending on location, access and size of the pool.

What does your pool service include?

  • Skim/scoop debris from surface and vacuum pool/spa complete. Clean out skimmer and pump baskets
  • Brush pool floor and walls as required. Clean off waterline tile with brushing. If visible staining, we will try to work it out with brushing
  • Test chemicals in water: pH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness. Adjust these to their ideal range
  • Backwash/rinse the sand filter, adjust water level in pool (rainy season) and inspect the equipment for any issues
  • Tidy equipment room and record all task completed in our onsite logbook. Chemical readings are also recorded
  • Report any issues to the manager while onsite. We will attempt to resolve those issues while onsite. If we are unable to, our repair team will contact you regarding the issue 

Why choose us over other pool service companies?

  • We compensate our employees on a per hour basis so there is no incentive for them to rush through their day. Other service providers pay on a per job basis which incentivizes the number of jobs completed in a day meaning less focus on the tasks at hand
  • All of our employees are provided with company vehicles that are tracked using a GPS system. We are continually monitoring our employee whereabouts and ensuring appropriate time onsite is spent completing the work
  • Starting off on the right foot is important to us. That is why we provide a very thorough onsite review of your pool/spa and equipment. Your welcome email will then include the proposed annual maintenance plan, condition report and any recommendations we may have. This is at no additional cost to you
  • It’s all in the details. Information such as gate codes, access notes, chemical location and any additional service notes specific to your location and pool are at our technicians fingertips. We use a detailed customer service app that has been installed on all of our company work phones. This ensures that the details are not missed in the event of a technician change or absence
For more information about us, please see our “About Us” page.

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