Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance, Repairs and Supplies

About Lions Gate Pool & Spa

Our Goal is to Change Industry Standards & to Improve Your Overall Customer Experience.

At Lions Gate Pool and Spa, we work hard to develop positive, long-lasting working relationships with each of our customers by providing a better standard of service and by ensuring their pools/spas are always ready to use.


We Have the Best Team in the Industry.

While we first started out with a small team and just one service van, we have grown as a business over the years and we are proud to say that, today, we have 15 vehicles in our fleet and over 40 years of experience. We understand that one of the biggest challenges of our industry is the higher than normal employee turnover rates, as not everyone wants to clean pools for a living. To circumvent this issue, we have implemented an extensive training program (two weeks of in-class and onsite training and testing) for all new maintenance technician hires. Once we feel a technician is ready to operate on their own in the field, we will ensure that they are set up for success and are fully supported by our maintenance and repair teams. We also implement scheduled follow up visits to inspect the work completed by our technicians, ensuring you are completely happy with the final results.


We Follow a Set Process to Make Your Life Easier.

Unlike other pool/spa service providers that fail at the basics of quality custom service, we work hard to ensure you receive open lines of communication, experienced technicians, short wait times, and clear and concise invoices.

During our first visit to your property, we will take the time to discuss your pool/spa needs, to answer any questions you might have, and to provide an onsite assessment of your equipment free of charge. We will then follow up with any recommendations we have specific to your equipment or service requirements. Following this simple process allows us to identify any potential problems so that we can resolve them and get you started on the right foot with respect to your pool/spa service.


We Utilize a Fully Automated System.

Our fully automated scheduling and customer management system is specifically designed to help prevent service-related issues from occurring while also making us more efficient. All of our technicians are equipped with company smart phones that provide access to our fully automated system, including access to daily work schedules and a list of all the pertinent service details for your location. Having easy access to our system prevents service-related problems in the event that we need to change out a maintenance technician due to an absence and also gives us the ability to adjust schedules live while in the field if an urgent matter arises.


We Use a Secure Online Invoicing System.

Thanks to our easy-to-use online invoicing system, we can securely store card information for month-to-month billing cycles and provide invoice details the day of service, including any chemicals supplied. Our maintenance customers can also be set up to receive text or email visit reminders the day prior to receiving service, so that there will never be any confusion about when our team will be onsite. Our maintenance program customers also receive priority repair services, putting you to the front of the line if there is an issue with your pool or spa.

Give Your Pool Or Hot Tub The Best Care & Maintenance In The Industry.