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We offer hot tub water changes and cleanup services to Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby. If you’ve just moved in and found your hot tub is a bit of a mess, we can help!

Our hourly rate is $75 per hour plus tax. The work typically takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours on average but will depend on the size of your hot tub, amount of debris and the water pressure from your tap.

A standard water change or cleanup includes:

  • Apply a pipe cleaner to remove all the buildup and scum in the lines
  • Drain the hot tub to a designated area and then scrub it clean
  • Replace/clean the cartridge filter with new and clean up any pillows or seats
  • Refill hot tub with fresh water through filter system
  • Startup hot tub and ensure the water is heating
  • Balance chemicals to their ideal range
  • Clean off the hot tub cover (both sides) and stairs

For more information about us, please see our “About Us” page.

Keep it clean!

Once your tub is cleaned up, we highly recommend a weekly or biweekly scheduled maintenance plan to keep the water clean and safe for using.  Please check out our plans page if interested. If your hot tub is unable to start or has other issue, please contact us directly at 604-229-2395.

Hot tub water change and cleanup rate
$75 per hour
*Does not include chemicals, parts or taxes