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$30 per visit, plus tax → Weekly hot tub service 

$40 per visit, plus tax → Biweekly hot tub service (every other week)

$50 per visit, plus tax → Rooftop or high-rise hot tub service

* Prices are for labour only and do not include the cost of chemicals 

*Note – Weekly service would be recommended for three uses per week or more or if children under 12 are using the hot tub. Typically children are in and out frequently and stay in for longer periods of time

Each hot tub service includes:

  • Full cleaning of inside the hot tub with skimmer net and spa vacuum. Wipe down topside and controls
  • Top up water level. Test and balance chemicals to their ideal range
  • Remove and clean/rotate filter to maintain clean water. Replace as necessary
  • Adjust filter settings and heating modes to ideal usage level
  • Supply and deliver chemicals as required. All of our service trucks are stocked with the needed chemicals
  • Clean spa cover and all access points
  • We will notify our office when a water change will soon be required (generally every 3-4 months). We then contacting you advising of the scheduled change out. This prevents any interruption in usage and ensures quality water for bathing
  • We will notify our office of any issues found. We then send you a quote for the repair

Why choose us over other companies?

  • We compensate our employees on a per hour basis which promotes taking time onsite throughout their day. Most other service providers pay on a per job basis which incentivizes the technician to complete as many jobs as possible in a day. This means they are rushing through the work with less focus on the tasks at hand
  • All of our employees are provided with company vehicles that are tracked using a GPS system. We are continually monitoring our employee whereabouts and ensuring appropriate time onsite is spent completing the work
  • Starting off on the right foot is important to us. That is why we provide a thorough onsite review of your spa, including make/model details, filter codes/measurements and any equipment/cover deficiencies.  We then contact you with any recommendations. This is at no additional cost to you
  • It’s all in the details. Information such as gate codes, access notes, chemical location and any additional service notes specific to your location are at our technicians fingertips. We use a detailed customer service app that has been installed on all of our company work phones. This ensures that the details are not missed in the event of a technician change or absence

For more information about us, please see our “About Us” page.

Hot tub cleanups, startups and water changes
$75 per hour
Time varies based on condition and water supply pressure

Winterizing (Drain & purge water from plumbing)
$95 per hour
Requires repair technician to service

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