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Weekly Service

$30 per visit

Biweekly Service 

$40 per visit

Rooftop / Highrise 

$50 per visit

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Please note, the above pricing does not include taxes or chemicals

Each hot tub service includes:

  Full cleaning inside the hot tub with skim net and spa vacuum

  Top up water level when low

  Test and balance chemicals to their ideal ranges

  Remove and clean / rotate cartridge filter to maintain clean water

  Clean top and underside of cover as well as entry stairs

  Supply chemicals that are required 

  Scheduled water changes so that your hot tub is always ready for use

Hot tub cleanups, startups and water changes
$75 per hour
Time varies based on condition and water supply pressure

Winterizing and repairs
$135 for the first hour. $95 per hour for each additional hour
Requires repair technician to service

It’s all in the details…

Information such as gate codes, chemical preferences, filter settings, and dog/access information is readily available for our maintenance technicians to access each service day through their company smart phone via our customer scheduling app. This technology allows us to cater to the specific needs of each and every location on a daily basis.

Have a special requirement that you’d like your maintenance technician to do next visit? No problem, just email the office ( and that information is immediately added to their schedule for the following visit. When they arrive to your location, they are notified of this new information and will include it in your service.

As a result of implementing this system, we noticed a very limited amount of service related issues. It also allows us to substitute in a maintenance technician that has access to all of this information at the touch of a button in the event your regular technician is sick or on holidays.

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