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Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance Made Easy.

We offer customized plans that meet your needs

Services offered:

  • Weekly hot tub maintenance = $159 / month + tax
  • Biweekly hot tub maintenance = $89 / month + tax
  • Hot tub cleanups = $199 + tax 

Scheduled water changes = $75 / hour


Keeping your hot tub in excellent condition can be both challenging and time consuming, which is why it’s important to seek professional maintenance services to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your hot tub. Our team not only delivers great results, but also provides an exceptional overall experience. With years of training and a positive attitude, our highly trained technicians stand out from the competition thanks to their extensive knowledge and dedication to the customer experience.

Our hot tub team specializes in three main areas to provide you with a full-service experience. Whether you need a comprehensive clean and balance, scheduled maintenance and water changes, or specific repairs, we’ve got you covered. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Contact us today to get started.

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Comprehensive Clean & Balance

Revitalize Your Hot Tub with a Comprehensive Water Change.
Whether you’re seeking a fresh start or simply looking to update your water quality, a comprehensive clean may be the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive water change is specifically designed to help every hot tub owner achieve the best water quality possible for immediate enjoyment.
During each Comprehensive Clean, we use a pipe cleaning agent to eliminate any scum buildup that may occur in the plumbing. Next, we drain the tub, thoroughly wipe it down, refill it, and balance the water for immediate use.  We also clean the filter, cover (inside and out), and all access points.
We recommend scheduling a Comprehensive Clean every 3-4 months to ensure that improperly balanced water does not cause any safety issues.
$199 + tax for drain, cleaning, refill and chemical balance. Chemicals are included in this fee. Any issues found are reported to our repairs team
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Full Service Maintenance Plans

Relax and let us handle your hot tub maintenance for you.

Service plans include:

Weekly hot tub maintenance = $159 / month + tax

Biweekly hot tub maintenance = $89 / month + tax

Scheduled water changes = $75 / hour + tax

Our regular maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning of filter, cover, pillows, diverters, waterline, and inside hot tub using a spa vacuum
  • Testing and balancing of chemicals in the water
  • Topping up water levels to account for evaporation
  • Notification of any issues to our repair team
Contact us today and enjoy your hot tub without the stress!
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Expert Hot Tub Repairs

We are at your service for all your hot tub needs, including repairs. 

With thousands of hours of experience in hot tub specific repairs, our team of experts ensure you’re in good hands.  Our process begins with a comprehensive repair assessment to help understand and evaluate the hot tub as a whole, while providing the best solution for the issue at hand.
Our team can help with a variety of hot tub repairs including but not limited too:
  • Pump repairs, installation and upgrades
  • Electrical issues, heater tripping the breaker
  • Spa pak installation and repairs
  • Heater element replacement 
  • Error codes, troubleshooting, assessment
  • Plumbing leaks and repairs 
  • Cover and cover lifter installations and repairs

Complete Retrofit
In today’s financial climate, the price of a new hot tub installation can range anywhere from 10k – 25k or higher depending on the model. That may not include the cost of removing the old tub and installing the new one.  If that cost is not in the budget, there are other options for repair. We can replace all mechanical equipment  (pumps, heaters, electrical & topside control) for 3-5k  with warranty depending on what your hot tub may have. This is a very popular option as it provides longevity in usage but at a fraction of the price of installing a new hot tub. If the shell is good (no cracks) then an equipment retrofit may be your best option. 
Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to book an assessment. 
Give Your Pool Or Hot Tub The Best Care & Maintenance In The Industry.