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Hot Tub Repair

We repair all makes and models of hot tub equipment such as pumps, spa packs, heaters and any plumbing issues. To help us serve you better, please let us know as much information as you can about the hot tub such as any error codes on the display, pictures of the equipment or the make/model of the hot tub. This information will help us lower your overall costs by preventing additional visits.

We do charge for repair assessment time as generally there is work to do to get at the equipment as well as time spent diagnosing the issue.  In some occasions, we can repair on the first visit if parts are not required. If a part or new equipment is required, we will provide a quote for the replacement.

Feel free to contact us at 604-229-2395 or

Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub Repair

Hot tub repair Vancouver

Hot Tub Repair

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Lions Gate Pool and Spa was founded based on the observation that many service providers in the industry were failing at the basics of quality customer service. Issues such as a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait periods and confusing invoicing. Companies advising they would come out and never show up! We set out to change that and improve your overall customer experience. Make the change and receive the quality customer service experience you deserve!

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