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Thinking of purchasing a home with a pool?

Most building inspectors do not inspect the pool or pool equipment when doing a home inspection. We offer a comprehensive review including a detailed report on the pool or spa you’re thinking of buying.

Information provided in the report includes potential leak issues, monthly electricity costs, approximate repair costs, ongoing maintenance costs and any recommendations we may have.

Pool Inspection - Option 1

Onsite inspection and PDF report

$450 + tax

Onsite inspection of pool and equipment area  

Walk-through with buyer if necessary

Detailed inspection report including cost analysis

Pool Inspection - Option 2 

Onsite inspection only

$150 taxes included

Onsite inspection of pool and equipment area 

Walk-through with buyer if necessary

Inspection report not included

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Pool Inspections

Each pool inspection includes:

☑ None-invasive inspection of swimming pool system

☑ Testing pool / spa equipment for proper function

☑ Determining condition of all pool / spa equipment

☑ Determine if their is a potential leak in the pool

☑ Walk through with potential buyer

☑ PDF inspection report (option 1)

☑ Includes cost breakdown of any repairs 

New pool owner?

Not sure about pool ownership and what it involves? We can help with that. We’ll do a walk through with you and answer any questions you may have about your potential new pool.  We can give you rough estimates of monthly operating costs including hydro, gas and maintenance fees.  We can also explain how your system works and the overall condition of you pool and equipment.  Give us a call today!

One Focus – Superior Service

Lions Gate Pool and Spa was founded based on the observation that many service providers in the industry were failing at the basics of quality customer service. Issues such as a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait periods and confusing invoicing. Companies advising they would come out and never show up! We set out to change that and improve your overall customer experience. Make the change and receive the quality customer service experience you deserve!

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