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Pool Liner Installation

We offer very affordable pool liner installation rates, especially if your pool is a standard shape and size. We’ll meet with you and discuss your install including pricing and design styles.

Pool Liner Installation


Vinyl Liner Installation

Vinyl Liner Installation

Keep it looking new and clean!

Once your new liner has been installed, it’s important to keep it looking clean and new.  Routine pool maintenance is your best option.  That means keeping the floor & walls clean and ensuring the chemicals are balanced. The use of a solar cover (or bubble cover) is important during the summer months.  This cover will not only help retain heat but also reduce fading caused by the suns UV rays.

If you’d like to see our maintenance pricing, please check out our Pool Maintenance page



Please, don’t drain it!

A common mistake we see is some people want to drain their vinyl pool completely. This is very risky as there is a higher potential for tearing and ripping of the liner. As well, you could end up with unwanted wrinkles and shifting of the vinyl material. If you’re winterizing, just drain the water to below the jet returns and always leave some water in the pool!  If you have more questions about your pool liner, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


One Focus – Superior Service

Lions Gate Pool and Spa was founded based on the observation that many service providers in the industry were failing at the basics of quality customer service. Issues such as a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait periods and confusing invoicing. Companies advising they would come out and never show up! We set out to change that and improve your overall customer experience. Make the change and receive the quality customer service experience you deserve!

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