Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance, Repairs and Supplies

Pool Maintenance

Helping You Keep Your Pool Clean & Running Optimally.

We offer customized pool and spa maintenance plans for Vancouver, North Shore and Burnaby

Our first visit is free of charge site visit to review your pool and equipment. We gather the necessary information to provide you a detailed quotation for an annual maintenance plan. 


Packages from:

Weekly Pool Service = $239 / month + tax 

Biweekly Pool Service = $129 / month + tax 

Monthly Maintenance = $75 per hour + tax


Depending on the complexity of your property and equipment, there may be additional items to consider implementing into the annual plan such as: cartridge cleanings, trough clean outs, UV lamp service or heater winterizations. 

We are also happy to provide custom quotes for locations with additional bodies of water, such as water features, inground spas, or hot tubs. The customization can occur around your usage. For example, if using only spa in Winter, we would set up a weekly spa and biweekly or monthly pool service. Please contact for a free quote.

Each Pool Service Includes:

Cleaned and maintained backyard pool.

Why Choose Our Pool Maintenance Services?

We compensate our employees on a per hour basis rather than on a per job basis like most in the industry. With a per job payment, the technicians incentive is to get to as many locations as they can in a day, meaning they rush through the work and likely miss many of the details. By paying the employees hourly, there is no incentive to rush through their day so the focus is more on the work at hand.  This ensures a quality service every time.  

 Our employees are also provided with a company vehicle that we are able to track using a GPS system. This means that we always know exactly where our employees are, ensuring appropriate  time onsite is spent completing the work. They system is quite robust in that it records various events such as hard breaking, quick acceleration, speed, ignition on / off and location. Each employee is given a driving score and reviewed with them monthly. 

We also have routine check ups on our employee work to ensure they are meeting our cleaning standards. This type of quality control is essential in a service based business. 

For us, it’s all in the details. That is why we use a detailed customer service app that has been installed on all of our employee phones to ensure no details are missed in the event of a technician change or absence. It also provides all the information our technicians need right at their fingertips—gate codes, access notes, chemical location, and additional service notes specific to your location and pool.

Providing Swimming Pool Cleanups in Vancouver, Burnaby & the North Shore.

We provide free pool cleanup assessments and quotes. If you are dealing with algae issues, our team will immediately respond to begin treatment, stopping further algae growth in its tracks. Once the pool cleanup has been completed, we can provide you with scheduled maintenance services to keep your pool clean and ready for use. In most cases, we recommend weekly maintenance services in the summer and biweekly or monthly service in the winter.

Driven By One Focus: Superior Customer Service.

Unlike other companies in our industry that fail at the basics of quality customer service, the dedicated team from Lions Gate Pool and Spa strives to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. Choosing to work with us means never having to worry about a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait times, confusing invoices, or technicians not showing up when they’re supposed to. Make the switch to Lions Gate Pool and Spa to start receiving the quality customer service experience you deserve!

pool repair services

Bring Your Pool or Spa Back to Life with Our Repair Services.

Whether you are dealing with a failing pool pump, a clogged filter, or a heater not functioning as it should, we have you covered. We are proud to provide a range of comprehensive repair services for pools and spas at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Give Your Pool Or Hot Tub The Best Care & Maintenance In The Industry.