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Weekly Pool Maintenance

$50 per visit 

Biweekly Pool Maintenance 

$65 per visit

Monthly Pool Maintenance 

Not offered during summer season

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Please note, the above pricing is for labour only and does not includes taxes or chemicals

What does your service include?

  Skim/scoop debris and vacuum pool complete. Clean out skimmer and pump baskets

 Brush pool and work on any staining where required. Clean off waterline tile

  Test and balance water pH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness

 Backwash the sand filter, adjust water level and inspect equipment for any issues

 Clean up room and record all task completed in our onsite logbook

 Report any issues to manager who will then contact you regarding the repair

Why choose us over other pool service companies?

Most other pool service companies pay their maintenance technicians per job or per pool. This provides incentive for the employee to finish as many jobs in a day as possible. Most try to complete 12 – 15 pool services in one day. The more jobs, the more pay. The problem with this structure is that tasks inevitably start to get missed as the employee is rushing throughout their day to complete as many jobs as possible. Common issues reported:  pools not fully cleaned, chemicals applied incorrectly or issues in equipment rooms not seen.

We here at Lions Gate Pool and Spa compensate all of our employees on a per hour basis. This structure prevents them from rushing throughout their day as they are not getting paid per pool or per job. It puts more incentive on taking the time necessary to ensure the pool service is completed properly.  Most of our maintenance technicians complete about 8 – 10 pool services in one day.  We are spending more time onsite to ensure your pool service is done correctly the first time. 

Our Mission

Lions Gate Pool and Spa was founded based on the observation that many service providers in the industry were failing at the basics of quality customer service. Issues such as a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait periods and confusing invoicing. Companies advising they would come out and never show up! We set out to change that and improve your overall customer experience. Make the change and receive the quality customer service experience you deserve.

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