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Who We Are

Lions Gate Pool and Spa was founded based on the observation that many pool/spa service providers were failing at the basics of quality customer service. Issues such as a lack of communication, inexperienced technicians, lengthy wait periods and confusing invoicing. We set out to change that and improve your overall customer experience.

From the first visit, we’ll meet with you to discuss your pool/spa needs and answer any questions you may have. As well, we provide a free of charge onsite assessment of your pool/spa equipment. We then follow that up with any recommendations we may have specific to your equipment or service requirements. This helps us identify any potential problems so that we can resolve them and get started on the right foot with respect to your pool/spa service.

Our fully automated scheduling and customer management system helps prevent service related issues from occurring by making us much more efficient. Our technicians are equipped with company smart phones that provide their daily work schedules and list all the pertinent service details of your location. This helps prevent service related problems in the event we need to change out maintenance technicians due to an absence. As well, it gives us the ability to adjust schedules live while in the field in the event any urgent matters arise.

Our online invoicing system makes is easy to store card information securely for month to month billing cycles. Each invoice details the day of service and any chemicals supplied. As well, all maintenance customers can receive text/email visit reminders the day prior to your service so you’ll know when we are onsite. No surprises! With our maintenance program, you also receive priority repair service. This means you’re put to the front of the line in the event there is an issue with your pool or spa.

With over 40 years experience, we understand that our industry is impacted by higher than normal employee turnover rates. Not everyone wants to clean pools for a living.  To circumvent that, we have implemented an extensive training program for all new maintenance technician hires. We provide a two week program of in-class and onsite training + testing. Once we feel the technician is ready to operate on their own in the field, we ensure they are fully supported by our maintenance and repairs team. As well, we implement scheduled followup visits to inspect the work completed by our technicians.

Our goal is to develop a positive, long lasting work relationship with you. Our commitment is to ensure your pool/spa is always ready for use. Experience a better standard of service with us. Contact our office or see our services offered below for more information.

Pool/Hot Tub Services

For pool service such as cleaning or repairs, call Lions Gate Pool and Spa in Vancouver

For pool service in Vancouver including pool cleaning, email Lions Gate Pool and Spa