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Weekly hot tub service at $50 + tax, + chemical per visit

Weekly swim spa service (hot tub with swim jets) at $70 + tax, + chemical per visit

Weekly hot tub service (high rise / penthouse) = Custom quote

  • Monthly chemical costs can range from $30-$50 depending on usage level
  • Water changes are typically scheduled every three months to ensure quality bathing conditions
  • All maintenance customers receive priority repair service based on part availability
  • Note – we do not offer biweekly or monthly service
Each hot tub service includes:
  • Thorough cleaning of inside the hot tub with skimmer net and spa vacuum
  • Top up water to ideal level and wipe down controls + water line
  • Test and balance chemicals to their ideal range. Provide shock treatment
  • Remove and clean/rotate filter to maintain clarity. Replace filter only as necessary
  • Adjust filter settings and heating modes to ensure optimal bathing conditions based on usage
  • Supply chemicals as required. Service trucks are stocked with the required chemicals
  • Clean and wipe down spa cover, stairs and all access points
  • If any issues with the hot tub are encountered, we notify our repair team from onsite
  • All maintenance customers receive fast repair response based on part availability

Why choose us over other companies?
  • We compensate our employees on a per hour basis which promotes taking time onsite throughout their day. Most other service providers pay on a per job basis which incentivizes the technician to complete as many jobs as possible in a day. This means they are rushing through the work with less focus on the tasks at hand
  • All of our employees are provided with company vehicles that are tracked using a GPS system. We are continually monitoring our employee whereabouts and ensuring appropriate time onsite is spent completing the work
  • Starting off on the right foot is important to us. That is why we provide a thorough onsite review of your spa, including make/model details, filter codes/measurements and any equipment/cover deficiencies.  We then contact you with any recommendations. This is at no additional cost to you
  • It’s all in the details. Information such as gate codes, access notes, chemical location and any additional service notes specific to your location are at our technicians fingertips. We use a detailed customer service app that has been installed on all of our company work phones. This ensures that the details are not missed in the event of a technician change or absence


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Hot tub cleanups, startups and water changes
$75 per hour
Time varies based on condition and water supply pressure

Winterizing (Drain & purge water from plumbing)
$95 per hour
Requires repair technician to service

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